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This is the partner website to the book by the same title: "A Revolutionary Solution" published Spring 2020. The focus is on ending the climate crisis, but the manner in which we are approaching the problem is revolutionary. If you have not read "A Revolutionary Solution" please grab a free copy below. If you are here for more, read on...

"A Revolutionary Solution" by Keith Manuel is a thought-provoking book that challenges the current economic system and proposes a radical alternative. Manuel's critique of capitalism is thorough and well-articulated, and his proposal for a moneyless economy is innovative and intriguing.

In the first section of the book, Manuel discusses the problems inherent in the capitalist system, including inequality, exploitation, and environmental degradation. He argues that these problems are not accidental, but rather, are built into the very structure of the system. Manuel also analyzes the effects of monetary systems on economies, arguing that they exacerbate inequality and create instability. He proposes a moneyless economy as an alternative, where goods and services are produced and distributed based on need, rather than on profit.

In the second section of the book, Manuel outlines his vision for a moneyless economy. He argues that the current system is based on the accumulation of wealth, which leads to inequality and exploitation. In a moneyless economy, people would produce and consume based on their needs, and there would be no accumulation of wealth or power. Manuel acknowledges that this vision may seem unrealistic, but argues that it is necessary in order to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

The third section of the book focuses on the challenges of transitioning to a moneyless economy. Manuel discusses the importance of building a mass movement for social change, organizing and mobilizing working-class people, and the role of political parties in creating a socialist society. He emphasizes the importance of community organizing, social movements, and political action in creating a better world.

Overall, "A Revolutionary Solution" is a compelling and thought-provoking book that challenges readers to think critically about the current economic system and imagine new possibilities for the future. Manuel's proposal for a moneyless economy is ambitious and idealistic, but it offers a refreshing alternative to the current system. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in economics, politics, and social justice.

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More Lessons from COVID-19

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More Lessons from COVID-19
What we saw in the early days of the viral pandemic was unfortunatly history repeating itself to show the ugly side of human behavior. Greed was inflated and energized by reports of potential shortages. For some strange reason in the United States of America hoarding of some household items had nothing to do with supply and demand, but more to do with basic fear of shortages hyped by media looking to exploit the most upsetting and unsettling stories. Toilet paper was being hoarded to a point well past rediculous. Some people requiring additional payment of 'a roll of TP' each day for daycare before social distancing orders were put into place.

It is not as if the number of butts needing attention suddenly spiked, and the virus did not cause excessive or uncontrollable diahrrea. Still, stores around the country were rationing what little inventory they had within a week.

People were hoarding it to the point where they nearly caused riots, as some looked only to the false short supply as a potential way for them to take advantage of the capitalist system and gouge those without the means to make large purchases.

Without the fear of false shortages, the public is well informed by a government that is completely transparent. A government TRULY by and of the people, who everyone knows is looking out for their personal interests. Manufacture, transportation, supply chain, testing, and the entire infrastructure of supplies, including critically necessary medical supplies, are all managed by a central government. A government that relies on integral information from local city or regional government heads to make decisions about taking care of everyone's needs, equally.

When monetary systems are gone and hoarding is a sign of mental imbalance, not a money-making scheme to take advantage of others. Without ANY monetary influences everyone's best interest IS taking care of their community, and their world. True value is given to health, instead of false currencies. Health is a reflection of your environment. We have one planet - there isn't a 'test planet' we can look at to see what happens when you pollute a planet's environment to death. We have one chance. It is happening now. It truly is time for A Revolutionary Solution!

Lessons from COVID-19
The Covid 19 worldwide pandemic is one of the biggest worldwide challenges modern society has faced in the past 70 years, but it pales in comparison to the challenges we face from the current climate emergency. Is COVID 19 in fact one of the horrible results of global warming? Had it previously been dormant waiting for the right conditions when its environment changed? I doubt we will ever know, and while it is pure conjecture to assume it was caused by global warming, scientists know of many diseases that have been reintroduced due to the warming affects on our planet caused by greenhouse gases.

This global pandemic has highlighted the disparities among people's ability to survive a short amount of time without some sort of safety net. What it has shown is that individual countries' decisions don't just affect those countries, they affect the world. The invisible lines of demarcation on our planet separating boundaries of nations do not separate disease, global warming, or any of the disastrous effects the climate emergency has on us.

A world where we are all working together as humans, for humanity, and where the outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus is treated globally instead of piecemeal by individual countries, states or provinces, and cities. All of the available resources around the world are focused on the outbreak. Equipment, PPE, beds, healthcare workers, any and all infrastructure needed to address this as quickly as possible is pulled together from around the world, instead of being hoarded by individual countries, regions, or cities in anticipation of a threat to come. Instead of individuals and organizations looking to profit from the scarcity of essential items needed to combat this disease, with no monetary system there is no motivation of personal profit. Instead, everyone realizes that hoarding only hurts other humans on our world, and it is all but nonexistent. Instead of conflicting information about the numbers, death rates, spread, etc... actual numbers and information is readily available and transparent for the entire world.

There are no individual countries worried about their individual economic systems. There is no need to bail out companies or stabilize economies with an influx of money to citizens unable to work. Instead, the focus is on everyone possible working in ways which help the immediate situation. Manufacturing PPE including face shields, respirators, masks, body suits, ventilators, emergency hospital facilities with all of their needs and beds, etc.... Instead of individual countries each working on their own vaccines, therapies, and other treatment options all of the people involved, around the world, are sharing information freely and openly in order to advance science as quickly as possible to solutions. There are no threats from a heads of state implying the virus is an act of espionage from another country or rival faction. Individual nations don't have to worry about closing borders to other nations, as the entire world works together to keep the virus contained.

A world where we don't have monetary systems stealing a large portion of our productivity and enabling so much suffering. Imagine a world where everyone works together toward global goals instead of individual countries fighting each other for opportunities!

Do something now! Be the change!

Do Something Now!

  • Help us translate this text
  • Print & Distribute books ->
  • Push to reduce or eliminate all fossil fuel consumption completely. There are many ways to do this listed on the website.
  • Plant more trees. Every native tree you plant will help absorb CO2 and release life-giving oxygen into the air.
  • Petition your government to join a pact to eliminate all countries and all wars.
  • Vote now to elect leaders who support immediate climate action.
  • Teach, guide, educate others about what you know, and how to make a difference.
  • Start building bridges. Connect with those from other nations, continents, and cultures. Find common ground – we are all human beings. Ask about unique challenges they face in regard to the climate emergency.
  • Recycle everything!
  • Use LESS plastic (none is BEST!)
  • Plant trees
  • Use shorter showers
  • Consolidate trips
  • Drive ELECTRIC!
  • VOTE! And press YOUR elected officials to DO MORE to combat this crisis
  • Use 100% renewable energy, press your utilities for MORE RENEWABLES!
  • Install solar if you own your home
  • Tell your boss to install solar on the business
  • Encourage Others to CONSERVE!
  • There are MANY MORE WAYS to help NOW!

  • Read the book

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